Sunday, January 2, 2011

TERRORLORD by Guido Henkel

Terrorlord by Guido Henkel is the first book I’ve read in the Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter series. This is actually the ninth book in the series, but they are written as such that you can pretty much read them as standalone books.

What happens when all Hell breaks loose? Ghost hunter Jason Dark and his friends are about to find out as the Terrorlord attempts to open the Seven Gates of Hell in Victorian England. With the help of his human pawn, the Terrorlord begins to unleash the minions of Hell and initiates his quest to take over the world. Jason Dark starts to put the pieces together, but it may be too late. Not only is he fighting the Terrorlord, but his past and its impact on his future looms over him. Jason can’t do this alone; he needs his friends more than ever, but are they ready for the impending showdown with the Terrorlord?

This novella piqued my interest from the opening pages. The mood of imminent danger is appropriately set and the story wastes no time jumping into the action. Fast-paced and fun, this work of pulp horror is pretty much all that any fan can ask for. I enjoyed the historical setting of the novella, and the scene at Butcher’s Row is gory and fun. This latest installment is more about Jason’s friends, Siu Lin and Herbert, than it is about Jason. My only complaint is that there are some typos throughout the Kindle edition and, at times, they can be distracting (a couple of times the names of minor characters are not consistent).

I’d recommend Terrorlord to anyone who’s interested in pulp horror and wants a quick, fun read.

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author Scott Nicholson said...

Ah, reviewed like a true proofer! Guido is a great storyteller.

Scott Nicholson