Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Die Already" by Kipp Poe Speicher

“Die Already” is a short story by Kipp Poe Speicher. It’s about a man with the unique ability to keep things alive—whether he wants to or not. He discovers his remarkable talent as a boy and lives the rest of his life in fear and solitude because he’s afraid of what may happen when he gets too close to other people. However, one day he finds the love of his life and allows himself to open up some—which turns into the biggest mistake of his life.

“Die Already” is a very interesting and creative story. There are a few typos and errors throughout, but nothing that majorly distracts the reader. My biggest complaint about the story is that it’s too short. I was just getting into it and it was over! I thoroughly enjoyed the story and hope to read more from Speicher in the future.

The Kindle edition includes a bonus partial short story by Tom Raimbault and an interview with Mr. Raimbault. Priced at $0.99, I recommend “Die Already” for an interesting, quick read.

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