Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ABOMINABLE by William Meikle

This past weekend I was looking for something quick and fun to read. Something of my choosing that I wanted to simply enjoy and not have to worry about writing a review for (and yes, this is a review, but one of my choice, not because I was asked to read the book) or proofing for errors. So as I was browsing Amazon to find something to fit the bill I came across William Meikle’s novelette, Abominable. After reading the description and glancing at the reviews, I quickly started to read it. And boy, am I glad I decided on this one!

Abominable recounts the doomed ascent of Mount Everest by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine. Set in the 1920s, one man’s desire to be the first to ascend Mount Everest drives him to push himself and his team to the brink. However, as they near their destination, they begin to discover signs that indicate they are not alone in this remote, desolate region of the world. Fear overcomes the camp, and soon they will encounter something that is simply…abominable.

I’m not going to lie: I flat out had fun reading this story. Meikle’s writing is smooth and the story flows nicely throughout. I was sucked in from the first couple of pages and couldn’t stop reading. While Meikle is known as a writer of “pulp,” don’t be fooled. He is a very talented wordsmith and a most-capable storyteller. The formatting was nice in this e-book, with no real issues that I came across. My biggest complaint is the story is too short! It’s the type of story you don’t want to see end and Meikle’s writing keeps the reader wanting more.

At the end of the year last year I said Meikle is the author I most look forward to reading more of in this new year. This book simply solidifies my desire.


williemeikle said...

Shucks... I'm blushing here!

Guido Henkel said...

I was wondering which of Willie's books to read next. I guess, now I know. :-)

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