Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Scotty Stuff

It's been pretty dead around here recently and it's totally my fault. My surgery turned into much more of a predicament than I was expecting and I pretty much lost ten days of reading time, putting me very far behind on my proofreading and review projects.

But in an effort to liven things up and to support my favorite author, I've decided to give away a few books I've been sitting on for a while. If you purchase Scott Nicholson's new e-book, Liquid Fear: A Mystery Thriller, between now and 11:59 p.m. EST on April 1 and leave a comment below letting me know you purchased it, I will enter all the names into a drawing for a couple of "real" Nicholson books. First prize is an autographed copy of Thank You for the Flowers and a mass-market copy of They Hunger. Both of these books are new and unread. Second prize is a lightly read copy of one of my Nicholson favorites, The Farm.

Due to monetary constraints, I have to limit this drawing to US residents only. Even if you don't win a prize in the drawing, you still win because you've bought a great thriller for a super-great price! Make sure you grab Liquid Fear: A Mystery Thriller while it's only 99 cents! Good luck!


Capt Murdock said...

Just wanted to throw this out there to future entrants. If you buy the book, click on the link from Book Hounds site. Help a brutha out!

Anyway, I purchased the book and look forward to checking it out. Thanks for the contest buddy!

Peter Andrew Leonard said...

Neal, didn't know you were goin' under the knife. Hope it wasn't for anything too serious.

Kippoe said...

Glad your feeling better, I bought the book Tuesday looking forward to reading

ajsalemi said...

Just bought his book. I love Nicholson and am in the process of reading all his stuff.

Candy's Creations said...

bought the book can't wait tho read it

Brenda said...

Hey, Neal,
Hope you're feeling better. From now on, I'll try to remember that you must be an Amazon affiliate and start my clicking from here to buy Scott's books.

Neal Hock said...

Thanks for everyone that entered the drawing! Appreciate your support!

Andrew--It was double-hernia surgery. It was suppposed to be routine, but it felt anything but routine! I'm doing much better now.

Brenda--I appreciate it! Don't feel like you need to buy them here, but if you do, thank you!