Monday, December 13, 2010

Kindle Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who owns a Kindle and want to get them some gift books? Have you received a Kindle or think you might get one from Santa? Well, here are a few book ideas for yourself or that special someone. Just click on the image to go to the purchase page; click on the title to go to my review of the book.

The Pack: Winter Kill by Mike Oliveri. Priced at an affordable $4.99 for the holiday season, this one is a must-read for anyone wanting a story full of action and suspense told at break-neck speed. After the holidays, the price is set to return to $9.99 (at least that was the insinuation when the special price was announced for the holidays).

Identity Crisis by Debbi Mack. This is Mack’s debut novel and she demonstrates her talent in it. It would make a good gift for those interested in crime and hardboiled stories. Priced at a low $0.99, this one is a steal. The sequel, Least Wanted, is slated for release in January.

Nightjack by Tom Piccirilli. For those who love crime and dark fantasy, this story would be a great gift. Reminiscent of Piccirilli’s A Choir of Ill Children, this story lacks none of his trademark raw, emotional style of writing. This original-to-digital book is a must-read for any Piccirilli fan.

Disintegration by Scott Nicholson. Written during a low point of Nicholson’s life, this book is an emotion-packed ride into the depths and depravity of humanity. Showcasing Nicholson’s versatility as a writer, this one will keep you turning the pages. Snag it while it’s still priced at a super-low $0.99.

Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary) by Jeff Strand. I don’t normally care for my comedy and action/horror mixed, but Strand expertly blends them to create a hilarious thrill ride that will keep you turning the pages. Strand’s writing is unique and not quite like anyone else’s I’ve read. Priced at an affordable $2.39, this one is well worth it, especially if you’ve never experienced Strand’s writing.

Dead Earth: The Green Dawn by Mark Justice and David T. Wilbanks. Normally, I’m a little hesitant when it comes to collaborations. I worry that styles will clash or the story will be disjointed. But there was no such thing in The Green Dawn. The writing flows wonderfully and the story moves at breakneck speed. This one is the first book in an ongoing series.

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